Warehouse data is a valuable resource that, when utilized correctly, can significantly contribute to enhancing the operations of entities across multiple industries.

A warehouse management system, or WMS, is a type of industrial automation software that empowers companies to meticulously monitor the movement of every item entering and exiting their storage facilities, as well as each step in the fulfillment process during distribution. When you implement a warehouse management software, every time a warehouse operator or a piece of machinery picks and scans an item for shipping, the system records this action and concurrently updates your real-time inventory levels.

Insights, traceability, effectiveness

Using the software, you get in-depth warehouse performance reports and product movement statistics, making it easier to make informed decisions and enhance business operations. The system enables warehouse operations automation, reducing order processing time and improving warehouse efficiency.

A tailored warehouse management system, such as Info Studio SmartWMS, guarantees the traceability of all your goods, handling common warehousing problems like lost inventory and delayed shipments. A properly configured WMS offers precise and readily available records that are invaluable for financial accounting and audit purposes. Moreover, retailers usually place greater trust in warehouses equipped with warehouse management systems, as these platforms offer a comprehensive history of product movement and facilitate the most efficient order fulfillment processes.

This solution is software whose tasks are to enhance all warehouse operations, increase accuracy and efficiency, and improve quality.

Our AI/ML powered, cutting-edge warehouse management solution goes beyond the ordinary. With a strong focus on precision and performance, it offers a wealth of features that can transform the way you manage your warehouse operations.

In the first year of using the SmartWMS system, we experienced all the benefits that were presented, with a focus on efficiency, traceability, savings, and customer satisfaction. The software is simple, intuitive, and in line with our new needs, and customer support is always available for contact.
Predrag Jušković, AMAN d.o.o.

What do we promise to our clients

KPI (Key Performance Indicators) for the WMS system are primarily focused on monitoring the efficiency of warehouse operations, and the quality of service provided to customers. Some of the main KPIs include

KPI (Key Performance Indicators) for the system are primarily focused on monitoring the efficiency of warehouse operations, and the quality of service provided to customers. Some of the main KPIs include:

  • Inventory Accuracy
  • Picking Velocity
  • Precision and Error Reduction
  • Dock-to-Stock Inventory Time
  • Warehouse Space Utilization
  • Workforce Productivity and Efficiency
  • Order Delivery Time
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Return on Investment (ROI) for the Warehouse Management System

Our solution stands as the ideal solution it comes to achieving and surpassing the essential processes within warehouse, no matter the industry your warehouse works with; our advanced system is tailored to meet all your requirements. From the moment a product enters your warehouse, our system takes control of it, ensuring precise inventory tracking. This meticulous accuracy, linked with our real-time updates, provides a clear advantage in achieving your KPI for inventory accuracy.

We know that speed is the essence of order fulfillment. Here, you will experience a marked increase in the velocity of your picking process. Swift, accurate, and error-free (up to 99% accuracy) order processing is our commitment, addressing your KPI for picking velocity. The need for precision and error reduction is at the core of our design. Automation and real-time data, picked using barcode scanners, minimize human errors leaving no room for inaccuracies. This addresses your KPI for precision and error reduction and ensures a smooth, streamlined operation.

Warehouse space is a valuable resource, and SmartWMS helps you maximize its utilization. Our system offers insights into storage optimization, directly impacting your KPI for warehouse space utilization.

Scan your way to perfection


We are dedicated to boosting workforce productivity and efficiency. Our automation and optimized order processing empower your team to work at their best, directly impacting your KPI for workforce productivity.

Ultimately, these improvements in KPIs lead to the rapid delivery of orders, enhancing customer satisfaction and addressing your KPI for order delivery time; it encompasses the entire spectrum of warehouse management, from inventory precision to efficient order processing, culminating in satisfied customers.

With SmartWMS, you are certain that you made good choice. Elevate your operations, build trust with retailers, and stay ahead of the competition. Get started today and experience the difference. Your success is our priority!