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Scanner app

Simplify warehouse operations with our modern scanner app, enabling efficient barcode scanning, real-time updates, and accurate data capture to boost productivity.

AI algorithms

Optimize processes with AI/ML algorithms. Use advanced analytics for demand prediction, inventory automation, and cost-saving opportunities.


Manage your warehouse with our user-friendly admin web dashboard. Gain comprehensive visibility into key metrics, monitor inventory, track orders, and make informed decisions effortlessly.


Optimize order fulfillment with our robust dispatch module. Prioritize orders, allocate resources, track shipments, and enhance accuracy for greater customer satisfaction.

Voice picking

Enhance picking accuracy and efficiency with our voice picking. Give your staff hands-free, precise instructions for faster order fulfillment.

3D Vizualization

Visualize your warehouse in dynamic 3D. Optimize space, plan efficient racks, and simulate workflows for operational efficiency and improved planning..

Enhancing productivity, your way

Customize your processes

SmartWMS is intelligently designed to seamlessly adapt and cater to the unique and specific business processes of each client.

Customizable workflows

Easily integrate your existing workflows, whether you have specific procedures, inventory management practices, or resource allocation strategies in place.

Configurable parameters

Our WMS offers granular customization, from automated inventory thresholds to order prioritization, ensuring peak efficiency and accuracy.

Scalable architecture

We understand businesses evolve over time, so we made solution with a scalable architecture, allowing it to adapt to the changing needs and volumes.

Integration capabilities

Our adaptable WMS is designed to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of existing business systems, such as ERP or CMS.

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